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Detour North
Detour North Cabin Outfitters

To most, the cabin is a place to get away from every day life. It certainly was for me. I realized at an early age that my soul craved for more than just a "temporary fix" of "up north." I vowed at the age of 10 to live up north as soon as I was able.

It took nearly 20 years to make the physical move to the north, but my heart has always been here. Every day since then I spend figuring out ways I can help others scratch that "up north itch," whether it is designing a piece of furniture or taking them fishing. It is simply what I do. It is who I am.

If you feel the calling northward as I did, I would be honored to be your guide in any way that I can. Good luck on your - Detour North.

-Chris Kuehn
Detour North Cabin Outfitters
421 State Highway 371 South
Hackensack, Minnesota 56452
Phone: (218) 675-5650